CEO of Huaw◆ei's Consumer Busi●ness Group.He sa■i

s", an●d these ba■tteries can be● recharged 〓in just ov●er half an hour.It ◆will retail f◆or 2,299 eu〓ros (2,607 U.S.◆ dollars) ■and is expec●ted to be avai○lable to t●he public "by the su?/p> d the phon

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"masterwo〓rk of engine◆ering" and that it○ folded in an "a〓l

鬽mer".Huawei◆ presented several〓 other prod◆ucts at the sa○me event, incl●uding a new range of○ laptops: such as th◆e MateBook X■ Pro, which has a ●13.9, 3K screen, a◆s well as MateBoo●ks with 13 and ●14 inch scre○ens.Finally, Huawei 〓showcased its 5G CP〓E Pro mobile ro〓

uter, which is ai●med at takin◆g 5G connectivity in●to the home allow○ing for the transmi◆ssion of 8K video○ in real time.&nb◆sp;Please scan the◆ QR Code to follo◆w us on InstagramP◆lease scan the QR Co●de to follo●w us on Wech●atChina rejects● U.S. position on H●uaweiChina rej◆ects U.S. position o●n HuaweiChina reject●s U.S. position o〓n Huawei02-1〓9-2019 08:52 BJTBEI●JING, Feb. 18&●nbsp; -- Ch

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ine●se Foreign M■inistry on Monday ■rejected the posit○ion of the Unite■d States on Hu○awei, saying China h■opes all countr


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ie●s will abide by t◆he principle of〓 fair competition a○nd jointly safegua◆rd a fair and n●on-discriminat●ory market envir


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onme●nt.According to r■eports, U.S. V●ice President Mike ●Pence warned its all■ies to take seri●ously "the thr●eat" posed b


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y ◆Chinese enterpris◆e Huawei as they 〓look for par〓tners to build 5○G wireless infrast◆ructure. He m○ade the remarks S■at


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urday du〓ring the M■unich Secu〓rity Conference.Rep○orts also said ●that some U.S. offi■cials recent●ly argued that u●nder


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China's Nationa●l Intelligen■ce Law companies ○such as Huawei or Z○TE could be compelle〓d to hand over● data or ac■cess to

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w〓ould make i■t the "reference poi●nt for the 5G


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bri●efing.China'●s National Intell■igence Law not only● stipulates the◆ obligations of ●organizati■ons and citi■zens to support t●he work of n◆

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avor of Huawe○i

ational intelligence◆ within Chinese law●, but also stip◆ulates tha●t state inte○lligence s●hould abide by la■ws, respect 〓and protect huma○n rig

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hts, ◆and safeguard the r■ights and in■terests of● individuals a●nd organizat■ions, said Gen●g.He said othe●r Chinese laws■ also have man●y prov

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